O u r F a r m s

O r g a n i c R a b b i t B r e e d i n g

The breeding of organic rabbits in our Masseria is an important evolution of the breeding method. It is known that the quality of life of animals generates meats of the highest quality value. The method studied in synergy and collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples, allows us to breed rabbits in the wild (free-range farming) with a controlled reproductive system that allows the selection of rustic individuals such as to target the origin of a new breed specific for free-range farming. The space available to rabbits consists of about 5000 square meters divided into six areas for the development of the various production phases within which individuals move freely and where they have the possibility of grazing grass or digging natural burrows. The food of our friends consists of products grown on our land and sometimes supplemented with strictly certified organic feed. The first studies certified by the Federico II University of Naples show a general better quality of the meat where the consistency and reduced presence of cholesterol compared to conventional farms are the strengths of our rabbits.

O r g a n i c H e n s a n d C h i c k e n s B r e e d i n g

In full compliance with the company philosophy, large spaces have been identified and intended for the breeding of broilers and laying hens to generate a natural quality of life for the animals. In collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples, a methodology for the reproduction and rearing of poultry was devised with the collection of fertilized eggs, incubated on the farm to generate organic chicks. A section of the poultry farm is intended exclusively for the production of certified fresh eggs. Organically produced our eggs give a flavor and a color that make the dishes more delicate and nutritious with a high nutritional value as nature creates.

O r g a n i c D u c k s a n d G e e s e B r e e d i n g

One of our specialties also resides in the breeding of ducks and geese which, used for the natural weeding of vineyards and orchards, are then enhanced in the kitchen. They too live in large spaces where there is an artificial lake that allows an exceptional quality of life beyond the nesting capacity for natural reproduction.